Recovering Exchange 2003 clustered on Windows 2003 Server

Arrived at work to find that my dev Exchange cluster was down - the reason being that somebody had deleted the cluster name AND the virtual Exchange server name from AD. Everything else intact, so what to do? Re-install the cluster service? Wipe everything? It turns out the solution was simple :-)

Step 1 - repair the admin group (containing the cluster name resource)
Created a new computer account in AD and made sure that the cluster service account had the appropriate access on the object (used settings from another operational cluster as template for this). Tried to bring the admin group online .... bingo!
Step 2 - repair the Exchange virtual server group
This was a bit more complex. First the foobar name resource has to be deleted, but Cluster Admin also wants to delete the other resources that have direct and indirect dependencies on the name resource. The dependency chain starts with the "Exchange System Attendant" (SA) resource, so the solution is to create a new (temporary) network name and set SA's dependency to the new name resource and remove the  dependency on the nonoperational one.  Now the name resource can be safely deleted without side effects. The next step is to recreate the original name resource (using Cluster Administrator) with all the original settings and re-establish  the original dependency for SA.
Step 3 - bring the virtual Exchange server online
After following the above procedure the virtual Exchange server was easily brought back online. Since all data files were intact no other steps were necessary.

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